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Allison Heather Brown is a currently an Associate Art Director working full-time in the private

equity industry. She has over six years of experience as a designer. She graduated in 2012 from

the University of Miami with a BBA in Graphic Design and Marketing. Born and raised in

Oceanside, NY on Long Island, Allison is determined work her way up the ladder in New York City.

Her goal is to utilize her design skills working in entertainment, music or fashion. She defines

herself as a graphic designer, retoucher, creative, and marketing professional. Allison strives to immerse

herself in whatever she can to become a well-rounded and more educated designer and individual.

For more information regarding Allison's experience, please click the "view resume" button, and

note the logos below! Click the "download" button for an up-to-date print book of my portfolio.

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